Wine Village Belvedere Palace
Posted on: May 4, 2019, by : Green Traveler
Wine Village Belvedere Palace

Saturday is a pleasant spring day. Our goal was to visit Belvedere Palace, which requires using the tram system. We find the answers quite easily. Trams, trains and subways all use the same trajectory, and can be exchanged. With one day gone by, you can ride all three modes of transportation! I really started digging public transportation here! The only thing about the tram is that you have to avoid it while walking around the city.

We arrived at Belvedere and I was amazed, once again. The complex consists of two palaces. Upper and Lower Belvedere, with beautiful green expanse of them. I am sure it will be more beautiful in the following months, because not many have bloomed in April. We enjoyed taking photos of each other in front of the statue (needed!) And took all the beauty before heading to Upper Belvedere.

The museum also has works of art, including the famous Kiss by Klimt. That picture is ANYWHERE in Vienna … this is a big problem. You can buy The Kiss umbrellas, playing cards, tote bags, anything you can think of. This is overplayed as a top 40 pop song, and I am quite over it
The most photogenic place …
when I arrived at Belvedere. Then I walked into the room, surrounded by crowds of people taking photos, and surprisingly I was impressed. Klimt used gold leaf in this work of art, and it only shone brilliantly on a black background. That is something that cannot be caught on the fridge magnet.

There are also other impressive paintings here, including Van Gogh that I like, and some beautiful religious arts and sculptures. We are not a museum at the moment, and are enjoying a visit. Lower Belvedere is not an attractive palace, but it contains several state rooms that are worth seeing. To get there, you have to walk through the prettiest garden, so why not? We immediately examined it, and when we returned outside, we were very happy to see a bride taking their wedding photos in various parts of the palace. The couple is as beautiful as the palace itself, traveling with horses and luxury trains. I managed to get a good photo far without looking like a stalker. Other palace visitors were not very concerned about the stalker aspect, but the couple was friendly and, clearly, happy today.

We decided to take the HOHO bus back to town, because it was free all the time we had permission. I would not recommend using this tour bus and an easy way to get around, but if you have time to kill and want to see the city, it’s not bad. We spent some time going around the City Center again, stopping on the pedestrian street to eat a little. We decided to go to Grinzing, but that was rather early. Our solution is to use HOHO again. Go directly to Grinzing and need time, which will make us a little closer to dinner time. And we can see and learn about Vienna’s areas that we haven’t seen.

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We got off the bus at the Grinzing exit and felt like we were in a totally different world. The village is outside the big city, and is in an area full of wineries. Small villages sell local wine in a place called Heurigers. They are basically restaurants that serve food, but it is very acceptable to come with a wedding couple here for some major photo operations
and enjoy the wine too. They all have a complete outdoor dining area with coordinated color blankets to keep you warm. People who are suspicious are just charming, so is the village itself. We really enjoyed walking on the hilly road, looking for the next place to taste wine.

We finally drank in two different people. Wine glasses only run you around 2 euros, and you get a little too. The wine tastes delicious, fresh and clean. Today at Grinzing is one of my favorites. When I was sitting, wrapped in a checkered blanket, sipping wine in this most beautiful village, I had “this is life!” feeling. I feel very relaxed and satisfied.

After enjoying wine, we decided to have dinner at Alter Bach. Mother has roast pork, and finally becomes her favorite dish along the way. I went with sausages and sauerkraut, which was delicious. Honestly, the sauerkraut is so good; it tastes so fresh and far less than I usually do. I devour everything! You also can’t go wrong with sausages. How I love grinning! We plan to return, but the weather changes so we never do it.

We took the tram back to the subway, back to our house.

We stopped at the shop again, and bought some of the wine we just found, now we’re experts !! A fun day.

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