Tips and Benefits of Climbing Mount Batur
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Tips and Benefits of Climbing Mount Batur

Climbing Mount Batur Kintamani or mount batur sunrise trekking tour – In Bali there are many highlands, one of which is the Kintamani area. In the Kintamani area, it is an area that is a popular tourist destination at the moment. Some of the attractions in Kintamani are Lake Batur, Mount Batur, Pura Ulun Danu Batur, Trunyan Village and many other tourist attractions.

When talking about Bali, many people immediately associate it with its beaches. Naturally, because Bali is indeed famous for its beauty which is dominated by beaches. But it turns out, Bali also has a place that is no less beautiful, namely on the Peak of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur is one of the areas most sought after by tourists in Bali. This mountain is known to offer exotic sunrise views.

Gunung Batur in Bali is one of the active volcanoes in Bali besides Gunung Agung in Bali. This mountain erupted in 1917 and damaged several houses and villages around Mount Batur. But don’t worry, this mountain, including the still active mountain, is still safe. It’s been a long time since this mountain became a hiking object that was very popular with tourists.

The peak of Mount Batur has a height of 5633 feet or about 1717 meters. Lake Batur on Lake Batur. The lake is the largest lake in Bali. When we climb Mount Batur, in the middle of the journey to the summit, we can see the magnificent beauty of Lake Batur. The vast blue expanse with other sights complements the beauty that we can see as much as we like.

Benefits of Climbing Mount Batur Kintamani
For tourists you who have never climbed the mountain need not worry, because the climbing route to Mount Batur is included in an easy level. Why because Mount Batur is included in the ranks of the Geopark. What is a Geopark?
Geopark is an area approved by UNESCO through the Global Geopark Network which has an extraordinary geological heritage. This means that the landscape of a region that has a natural landscape that is good for education has significant scientific value, rare and beautiful to look at.

Climbers will start past 4:00 a.m., past the sandy road. This road is quite easy to pass because the track is still flat. After passing the sandy road, the climber will walk through the high grass. The road began to rock and climb. However, in this phase the path is still easy to pass until the next 10 minutes the climber will find a road that is more uphill and large rocky.

Tour guides will be happy to accompany tourists who want to take a vacation. more than 3 times tourists ask a guide to stop before reaching the small temple area called Pura Payogan. In almost all of these guides. “Usually the guides ask permission first before climbing, so that everything runs smoothly,” said I Nengah Koma Irawan, a tour guide from Bagus Bali Sunrise.

So what are the benefits of climbing Mount Batur?

  • Strengthens Muscles and Bones
  • The body becomes healthier because we breathe very fresh air and away from the word POLLUTION
  • Eliminating stress
  • Burn fat and help you lose weight, and the important thing is
  • More considering nature and life
  • There are many other benefits that we can use from Mount Batur Kintamani.

Tips for Climbing Mount Batur Bali To climb Mount Batur you need to come to the village closest to Mount Batur, the village of Toya Bungkah. Arriving in this village you will be approached by a tour guide who will offer your package to climb Mount Batur. You can negotiate with the guide to agree on the best price for you.

After you negotiate and agree you will stay at a small inn that is more like a house. There you stay overnight at a cost of approximately Rp. 60,000. Right in the very early morning at around four in the morning, you will be awakened to get ready for hiking. The sun has not yet risen but you will see sparkling flashlights from other tourists who are also hiking. My tips that you have to carry out are to bring raw eggs from home and put them in the bag safely so they don’t break. Don’t bring a lot of equipment because you will take your trip, remember to bring water and other snacks.

By the guide, you will be invited to use a motorcycle using a motorbike to ask for the road. After that, you have to walk to reach Mount Batur. You will not be able to get out of the battle, there will be many tourists who will take part in the train ride. The farther the road the more steep it will be, but there will be resting posts provided there. Around 05:45 you will arrive at the right place to be able to welcome the sun. But if you are unlucky the sun will be covered in clouds, but even then it is very beautiful, the orange light emitted by the sun looks amazing. Before, I told you to bring raw eggs? this will function here. At the top you can bring eggs without having to carry a pan, air and firewood. You only need to look for the boiling mound as soon as possible. You just have to bury the egg not so deep and wait a few minutes.

Although it can be reached for 2 hours, the journey to the mountain peak as high as 1717 meters above sea level is indeed quite challenging for beginners. Therefore special preparation is needed to climb this mountain. In addition, for those of you who don’t like low temperatures, you should use training pants and jackets.

There are two ways to climb this mountain. The first way to backpacking and by ordering a tour package. The price offered by the mountain ride package is around Rp. 400 thousand to Rp. 800 thousand per person. However, the price includes a shuttle from the hotel, breakfast and guide fees. You might book here for more affordable rate with great customer feed back.

However, if you are not interested in using a tour. You can go directly to Gunung Batur Post and register directly. Prices are set to start at IDR 300,000 for local tourists and start from IDR 600,000 for foreign tourists.

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