Gorilla Trekking in Impenetrable Bwindi National Park in Uganda
Posted on: March 27, 2019, by : Green Traveler
n Impenetrable Bwindi National Park in Uganda

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go Gorilla Trekking in Impenetrable Bwindi National Park in Uganda to visit one of five gorilla families who are accustomed to tourists visiting them because of their natural habits. Trackers are in the woods every day watching from a distance where every family travels all day, they leave the National Park around 3pm in the hope of moving gorillas tomorrow. The next day, the tracker will start looking for gorillas where they last saw them the day before. Gorillas can move several kilometers every day to look for different food or lodging, or they can move if they feel there are other families around them. The family we visited consisted of 17 gorillas. Three of them are Silverbacks. Male gorillas became a silverback at the age of 13. Although there are three silverback in this family, there is only one dominant gorilla in the family. Silverback dominantly has complete control of the family, he decides where they rest, eat, and organize marriage in the family. Other silverbacks can also mate with females in groups, although most likely gorilla babies will do it
Silverback GorillaSilverback Gorilla

Silverback Gorilla
owned by dominant silverback because he did most of the marriages in the group. There are other gorillas in this National Park who are unfamiliar with people in their forests, and they can be defensive towards people. There are also elephants in this National Park, who can also be aggressive if they meet tourists, who loves to green traveling

Gorilla trekking is highly regulated in Uganda and Congo in the best interests of gorillas. For this reason, you must get permission before visiting this beautiful gorilla and in Uganda, this permit costs 600 USD per person. This money is used in various ways, around 20% goes back to communities around the National Park. Some of the money is used to pay for trackers, guides, and guards who accompany each group. Large amounts of money are used to familiarize gorillas with tourists, because this process can take several years for families to feel comfortable with humans. Visits are highly regulated by the government, each gorilla family can only be visited once a day with a maximum of 8 people only 1 hour. This rule is the best

Silverback Gorilla
interest in gorillas, when we enter their homes to observe them in their natural environment. We were fortunate and walked just two hours to find this family, which I am grateful for, because traveling through this forest is not an easy thing. Trekking to find gorilla families can be anywhere from 1-7 hours of travel each way. You are not guaranteed to see a gorilla family, because this is the nature and nothing is guaranteed. However, if the tracker can’t find a gorilla family, you’ve given a second chance the next day to travel again, even though this doesn’t happen often. Overall, this experience was very valuable, I enjoyed every minute with beautiful gorillas in Bwindi National Park in Uganda.

Along the way, we live in furnished tents, the first is Broadbill forest Camp and the second is Bunyonyi Overland Camp on Lake Bunyonyi. Both accommodations are very friendly and comfortable. I would highly recommend both places!

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