A day on the Venice lagoon
Posted on: May 5, 2019, by : Green Traveler
A day on the Venice lagoon

Spend the day visiting two other islands in the Venetian lagoon – Burano and Murano. Where many cities in Europe have extensive public transport bus / subway services – Venice has ships. The network is extensive and considers how many people they need for service – very effective.

The first stop was Burano, who was known for making fine lace and highly colored houses. Not too big and not too crowded and a good reason to have cappuccino and “Burano bussola (biscuits)”. It takes about an hour to cross the lagoon to Burano – we say they are efficient, not fast!

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The next stop is Murano, who knows his glassware. The island is very strange but a little more crowded because it’s only 10 minutes. from Venice right. Wow find a very good osteria with a nice outdoor garden and a very local feel. He is around 120 years old and is still owned as a cooperative by 50 local Murano families. The food was very good, gnocchi for Gee and pasta with clams for …. They don’t need to do the dishes when we are done.

The forecast for tomorrow is heavy rain throughout the day, so we are fortunate that we have reached all of Venice’s destinations and maybe we will get it
Sunday Sunday treats Morning treats the opportunity to rest on our feet.

By the way, we have found that it turns out that it is law in Venice that you have to end every day by walking to a place that is close to you and having a spoonful of gelato – and we have made sure to comply with all local laws when we travel!

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